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Dik Guerts wood-burning stoves are produced in the Netherlands, made of the highest quality materials, and have ease of use and beautiful design at their core. We have many on offer, ranging from the immensely popular Aste and Ivar 5, to their Instyle and Prostyle insert stoves and the impressive and unique Odin. All with the same next-generation combustion technology, and easy to operate single air control. Get in touch today to find out how good their products really are.

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Aste 5 low
Dik Geurts
Aste 5 low Sale price£1,845.00
Ivar 5
Dik Geurts
Ivar 5 Sale price£1,685.00
Ivar 5 Store
Dik Geurts
Ivar 5 Store Sale price£1,975.00
Ivar 8
Dik Geurts
Ivar 8 Sale price£1,845.00
Ivar 8 Store
Dik Geurts
Ivar 8 Store Sale price£2,135.00
Modivar 5
Dik Geurts
Modivar 5 Sale price£1,915.00
Modivar 5 Store
Dik Geurts
Modivar 5 Store Sale priceFrom £2,163.00
Dik Geurts
Odin Sale price£4,070.00