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Advanced BEV Technology

Zero emissions

Automatic refuelling

Extra-large fuel tank option

Planika UK

Luxury bio ethanol fires insert


bio ethanol fires insert from Planika

Bioethanol burner inserts with advanced BEV technology

The luxury burner for the optimum bio ethanol fires solution. The Fire Line Automatic (FLA) is the world’s first 'intelligent fire' with patented BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) Technology. Available in a variety of widths, the FLA3 / 3+ range of burner inserts have six levels of flame control, and come with numerous performance and safety features. These include remote and app control, automatic refuelling, auto shut-off; plus humidity, temperature, seismic and tilt sensors.

The FLA3+ model includes an extra-large fuel tank, and both models can be easily customized to meet all individual needs. Firefly can assist with providing a complete fireplace solution for your burner, and there are options from Planika's FORMA range of casings. Contact us for more details.

bio ethanol fires insert with large fuel tank
BEV Technology
bio ethanol fires insert specifications

Planika FLA3 790

Sale price£2,750.00 Regular price£4,806.00

The Planika FLA3 790 bioethanol burner represents the ultimate in bioethanol fires. Includes six options of flame height via remote control, numerous safety features, timer-shutdown option and automatic refuelling.

  • Remote control included
  • Mobile app control
  • Smart home compatible
  • Touch display
  • Automatic refill system
  • 6-stage flame height control
  • BEV technology

Find out more about BEV technology here (Burning Ethanol Vapours).

Firefly can assist with providing a complete fireplace solution for your home – and Planika's FORMA casings provide numerous fireplace options to work with the FLA4 range. 

Burner width 790mm
Burner height 220mm
Fuel tank capacity 4.3L
Max burn time up to 9 hrs
Flame height control 6 levels
Heat output 4.4kW
Recommended minimum room size 44 cubic/m
Remote + app control Yes
Auto refuelling Yes
Auto shut-off Yes
Smart home ready Optional


Planika FLA3 790
Planika FLA3 790 Sale price£2,750.00 Regular price£4,806.00

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