MI-Fire Kamado Barbeque and Grill (18 inch) with Deflectors and Cover

£250 £850

Mi-Fire Kamado Grills is perfect for slow cooking, grilling, baking or smoking, the Grill allows you to achieve faultless results by combining the advantages of a classic grill with those of a stone oven. The Grill is designed with a low air circulation which prevents meat from drying out and losing its mouth watering flavour. Wood chippings can be added which allows for a delicious, smoky BBQ taste.

The shell is constructed of a heatproof clay, it is environmentally safe as well as being fuel efficient. The ceramic shells can endure more than 1000°C temperature without cracking. Using internal heat convection, the temperature is easily controllable and rapid to reach the desired temperature.

Inclued when purchasing this Komado is the Ceramic Shells, Firebox, Fire Ring, a stainless steel cooking grill, Cast Iron adjustable top damper,crate, waterproof cover, and a 18" heat deflector.

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