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Contemporary wood-burners

We have chosen the best-looking contemporary wood-burners for our online collection. The designs range from minimalist clean lines to modern curved shapes, with models that include log stores and other accessories.

Choose from free-standing, ceiling-hung or insert models to create your perfect fireplace. These contemporary wood-burners can make for a a bold design statement in your home, not to mention an inviting, cosy atmosphere.

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Charnwood Aire 5 wood-burning stove from Firefly London, premier suppliers of Charnwood stoves
Charnwood Aire 5 Sale price£1,836.00
Studio Air 1 Insert / Freestanding
Charnwood Bay 5 BX
Charnwood Bay 5 BX Sale price£2,562.00
Dik Geurts Aste 5
Aste 5 low Sale price£1,845.00
Soren 5
Soren 5 Sale price£1,845.00
Charnwood Aire 3 Low
Charnwood Aire 3 Low Sale price£1,404.00
Studio Air 2 Insert / Freestanding
Vogue Medium
Vogue Medium Sale price£2,395.00
Vogue Small
Vogue Small Sale price£1,785.00
Studio 3 Insert / Freestanding
Studio 3 Insert / Freestanding Sale price£4,729.00
Studio 2 Insert / Freestanding
Studio 2 Insert / Freestanding Sale price£3,869.00
Studio 1 Insert / Freestanding
Studio 1 Insert / Freestanding Sale price£3,489.00
Vogue Midi
Vogue Midi Sale price£2,095.00
Save £299.00Charnwood Aire 3 Store
Charnwood Aire 3 Store Sale price£1,195.00 Regular price£1,494.00
Modivar 5 Store
Modivar 5 Store Sale priceFrom £2,163.00
HETA SCAN-LINE 7L Store Sale price£2,338.00
HETA Inspire 55H Store
HETA Inspire 55H Store Sale price£1,999.00
HETA Inspire 45H Store
HETA Inspire 45H Store Sale price£1,849.00
HETA INSPIRE 40H Store Sale price£1,799.00
HETA Ambition 8 Store
HETA Ambition 8 Store Sale price£2,258.00
HETA Ambition 5 Store
HETA Ambition 5 Store Sale price£1,958.00
Charnwood Skye 7 Store
Charnwood Skye 7 Store Sale price£3,150.00
Charnwood Arc 7 Store
Charnwood Arc 7 Store Sale price£3,108.00
Charnwood Arc 5 Store
Charnwood Arc 5 Store Sale price£2,652.00
Charnwood Aire 5 Store
Charnwood Aire 5 Store Sale price£1,938.00
HETA Inspire 40 Insert
HETA Inspire 40 Insert Sale price£1,879.00
HETA SCAN-LINE 7L Sale price£1,999.00
HETA Inspire 55
HETA Inspire 55 Sale price£1,899.00
Heta Inspire 45
HETA Inspire 45 Sale price£1,499.00
Heta Inspire 40
HETA Inspire 40 Sale price£1,399.00
HETA Ambition 8
HETA Ambition 8 Sale price£1,899.00
HETA Ambition 5
HETA Ambition 5 Sale price£1,649.00
Morsø7443 Sale price£2,750.00
Odin Sale price£4,070.00
Modivar 5
Modivar 5 Sale price£1,915.00
Charnwood Skye 7
Charnwood Skye 7 Sale price£2,994.00
Charnwood Skye 5
Charnwood Skye 5 Sale price£2,580.00
Charnwood Bay 5 VL
Charnwood Bay 5 VL Sale price£2,172.00
Morsø S81-90
Morsø S81-90 Sale price£2,020.00
Save £605.00Morsø S11-42
Morsø S11-42 Sale price£1,395.00 Regular price£2,000.00
Ivar 8 Store
Ivar 8 Store Sale price£2,135.00
Ivar 5 Store
Ivar 5 Store Sale price£1,975.00
Morsø 4412
Morsø 4412 Sale price£2,480.00
Morsø 6848
Morsø 6848 Sale price£2,300.00
Morsø 6843
Morsø 6843 Sale price£2,200.00
Morsø 6148
Morsø 6148 Sale price£2,200.00
Morsø 6143
Morsø 6143 Sale price£2,200.00
Ivar 8
Ivar 8 Sale price£1,845.00