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modern fireplace

Dru Lugo 80

Modern gas fires for every space

modern gas fire

Stovax Gazco Stockton 2

Traditional Stove styles

Modern gas fire with marble surround

Options for surrounds and mantles

Modern gas fires

Cosy comfort, sustainable style

Our selection includes the latest modern gas fires featuring advanced technology, beautiful flames, a choice of heat settings and more. With Firefly to help, it's easy to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of wood-burning alternatives.

Our luxurious, modern gas fires are crafted with the finest materials, including high-quality glass, metal, and ceramic, ensuring durability and longevity. With a range of modern and classic designs to choose from, these luxury fires create a beautiful focal point in any living space.

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Global 55XT
Global 55XT Sale price£0.00
Global 70XT
Global 70XT Sale price£0.00
Global 100 BF
Global 100 BF Sale price£0.00
Maestro 75 Eco Wave
Maestro 75 Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Maestro 2-sided Eco Wave
Maestro 2-sided Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Maestro 3-sided Eco Wave
Maestro 3-sided Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Metro Eco Wave
Metro Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Lugo 2-sided Eco Wave
Lugo 2-sided Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Lugo 3-sided Eco Wave
Lugo 3-sided Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Passo Eco Wave
Passo Eco Wave Sale price£0.00
Sheraton 5
Sheraton 5 Sale price£0.00
Chesterfield 5
Chesterfield 5 Sale price£0.00
Huntingdon Sale price£0.00
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 2 Sale price£0.00
Stockton Sale price£0.00
Onyx Liv 3
Onyx Liv 3 Sale price£0.00
Studio Sale price£0.00
Vogue Sale price£0.00
Loft Sale price£0.00
Yeoman CL
Yeoman CL Sale price£0.00
Vision Sale price£0.00