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Charnwood is a family business, established on the Isle of Wight in 1972,
by AJ Wells and sons. It has become one of the finest and well-respected stove manufacturers in Europe. The stoves are designed and built on the island by trusted, skilled, and longstanding employees of the company. The efficiency and design of their products are second to none. Firefly has had a close relationship with them since our inception and we value this relationship very highly. We are proud to have Charnwood's Premier Dealer status, hence we can offer a 10 year, manufacturer-backed warranty on any of their products.

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Charnwood Aire 5 wood-burning stove from Firefly London, premier suppliers of Charnwood stoves
Charnwood Aire 5 Sale price£1,836.00
Charnwood Aire 5 Store
Charnwood Aire 5 Store Sale price£1,938.00
Charnwood C-Four Blu
Charnwood C-Four Blu Sale price£1,434.00
Charnwood C-Four Blu Store
Charnwood C-Four Blu Store Sale price£1,610.40
Charnwood C Five
Charnwood C-Five Blu Sale price£1,560.00
Charnwood C-Five Blu Store
Charnwood C-Five Blu Store Sale price£1,735.20
Charnwood Aire 3 Low
Charnwood Aire 3 Low Sale price£1,404.00
Save £299.00Charnwood Aire 3 Store
Charnwood Aire 3 Store Sale price£1,195.00 Regular price£1,494.00
Charnwood Arc 5
Charnwood Arc 5 Sale price£2,484.00
Charnwood Arc 5 Store
Charnwood Arc 5 Store Sale price£2,652.00
Charnwood Arc 7
Charnwood Arc 7 Sale price£2,994.00
Charnwood Arc 7 Store
Charnwood Arc 7 Store Sale price£3,108.00
Charnwood Bay 5 BX
Charnwood Bay 5 BX Sale price£2,562.00
Charnwood Bay 5 VL
Charnwood Bay 5 VL Sale price£2,172.00
Charnwood C-Four Insert
Charnwood C-Four Insert Sale price£2,262.00
Charnwood C-Six Blu
Charnwood C-Six Blu Sale price£1,770.00
Charnwood C-Six Blu Store
Charnwood C-Six Blu Store Sale price£1,940.40
Charnwood Country 4 Blu
Charnwood Country 4 Blu Sale price£1,194.00
Charnwood Cove 2 Blu Store
Charnwood Cove 2 Blu Store Sale price£2,940.00
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu Sale price£3,619.20
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu Store
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu Store Sale price£3,852.00
Charnwood Cranmore 3
Charnwood Cranmore 3 Sale price£1,458.00
Charnwood Cranmore 5
Charnwood Cranmore 5 Sale price£1,908.00
Charnwood Island I Blu
Charnwood Island I Blu Sale price£2,484.00
Charnwood Island I Store
Charnwood Island I Store Sale price£2,658.00
Charnwood Island II
Charnwood Island II Sale price£2,808.00
Charnwood Island II Store Blu
Charnwood Island II Store Blu Sale price£3,012.00
Charnwood Island III Blu
Charnwood Island III Blu Sale price£3,444.00
Charnwood Island III Blu Store
Charnwood Island III Blu Store Sale price£3,708.00
Charnwood Skye 5
Charnwood Skye 5 Sale price£2,580.00
Charnwood Skye 7
Charnwood Skye 7 Sale price£2,994.00
Charnwood Skye 7 Store
Charnwood Skye 7 Store Sale price£3,150.00
Charnwood The Bembridge
Charnwood The Bembridge Sale price£1,698.00
Charnwood The Bembridge Store
Charnwood The Bembridge Store Sale price£1,873.20
Save £1,065.00Charnwood Island III Blu high leg
Charnwood Island III Blu high leg Sale price£2,445.00 Regular price£3,510.00