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Gloss Fires

Gloss Fire offer a wide range bioethanol fireplace solutions, with more than enough choice to suit every room type. The Dalex range includes burners and cases – this allows for a complete built-in fireplace solution, or just the burner to add to your existing fireplace.

The whole range of Gloss Fires models typically come with an intelligent control system and advanced safety sensors with automatic shutdown. It's possible to control from the display button panel, remotely from the remote control or using the Gloss Fire mobile app.

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Dalex 300-1000
Gloss Fire
Dalex 300-1000 Sale price£0.00
Dalex 1100-2500
Gloss Fire
Dalex 1100-2500 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Decorative Stand
Dalex Arc Full Circle
Dalex Arc Semi-Circle
Dalex Corner 1
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 1 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 2
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 2 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 3
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 3 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 4
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 4 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 5
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 5 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 6
Gloss Fire
Dalex Corner 6 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Quadrat
Gloss Fire
Dalex Quadrat Sale price£0.00
Dalex Radius
Gloss Fire
Dalex Radius Sale price£0.00
Gloss Fire
Suspended Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 1
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 1 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 2
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 2 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 3
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 3 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 4
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 4 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 5
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 5 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 6
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 6 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 7
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 7 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Focus 8
Gloss Fire
Dalex Focus 8 Sale price£0.00