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Dru Spartherm

Dru Fires – a trusted market leader producing gas fires and wood-burning stoves – have now developed a range of bioethanol fireplaces under their Spartherm sub-brand. This new range provides progressive solutions for warmth and atmosphere for your homes and businesses. 

The flames in their Spartherm Ebios range have six settings and can be easily controlled by the remote control or app. The fireplace burns ethanol vapour instead of liquid ethanol, and no chimney or flue is required. The range also has the option of a larger fuel tank providing an increased maximum burn time from 10 to 31 hours.

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Ebios Fire Line 800
Ebios Fire Line 800 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 1000
Ebios Fire Line 1000 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 1200
Ebios Fire Line 1200 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 1500
Ebios Fire Line 1500 Sale price£0.00