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log store woodburner

Log store wood-burners

Many wood-burners in our collection either come with log-stores or have the option to add them. This can be extremely useful not only practically, but also aesthetically. The log store raises the height of the burner, elevating the flames window – this can have its advantages depending on your space.

Firefly can provide and install your log store wood-burner, so get in touch to start the process of transforming your living space with a new wood-burning fireplace.

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Charnwood Bay 5 BX
Charnwood Bay 5 BX Sale price£2,562.00
Vogue Medium
Vogue Medium Sale price£2,395.00
Vogue Midi
Vogue Midi Sale price£2,095.00
Save £299.00Charnwood Aire 3 Store
Charnwood Aire 3 Store Sale price£1,195.00 Regular price£1,494.00
Modivar 5 Store
Modivar 5 Store Sale priceFrom £2,163.00
HETA SCAN-LINE 7L Store Sale price£2,338.00
HETA Inspire 55H Store
HETA Inspire 55H Store Sale price£1,999.00
HETA Inspire 45H Store
HETA Inspire 45H Store Sale price£1,849.00
HETA INSPIRE 40H Store Sale price£1,799.00
HETA Ambition 8 Store
HETA Ambition 8 Store Sale price£2,258.00
HETA Ambition 5 Store
HETA Ambition 5 Store Sale price£1,958.00
Charnwood The Bembridge Store
Charnwood The Bembridge Store Sale price£1,873.20
Charnwood Skye 7 Store
Charnwood Skye 7 Store Sale price£3,150.00
Save £813.00Charnwood Skye 5 Store
Charnwood Skye 5 Store Sale price£1,875.00 Regular price£2,688.00
Charnwood Island III Blu Store
Charnwood Island III Blu Store Sale price£3,708.00
Charnwood Island II Store Blu
Charnwood Island II Store Blu Sale price£3,012.00
Charnwood Island I Store
Charnwood Island I Store Sale price£2,658.00
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu Store
Charnwood Cove 3 Blu Store Sale price£3,852.00
Charnwood Cove 2 Blu Store
Charnwood Cove 2 Blu Store Sale price£2,940.00
Charnwood C-Six Blu Store
Charnwood C-Six Blu Store Sale price£1,940.40
Charnwood C-Four Blu Store
Charnwood C-Four Blu Store Sale price£1,610.40
Charnwood C-Five Blu Store
Charnwood C-Five Blu Store Sale price£1,735.20
Charnwood Arc 7 Store
Charnwood Arc 7 Store Sale price£3,108.00
Charnwood Arc 5 Store
Charnwood Arc 5 Store Sale price£2,652.00
Charnwood Aire 5 Store
Charnwood Aire 5 Store Sale price£1,938.00
HETA SCAN-LINE 7L Sale price£1,999.00
HETA Inspire 55
HETA Inspire 55 Sale price£1,899.00
HETA Ambition 8
HETA Ambition 8 Sale price£1,899.00
HETA Ambition 5
HETA Ambition 5 Sale price£1,649.00
Morsø Squirrel 1442 Store
Morsø Squirrel 1442 Store Sale price£1,450.00
Ivar 8 Store
Ivar 8 Store Sale price£2,135.00
Ivar 5 Store
Ivar 5 Store Sale price£1,975.00