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This collection of woodburners from Charnwood, Dik Geurts, Heta, Stovax and Morsø represents not only some of the best woodburners available today, but also stoves that can quickly be installed in your home. Some of these are not readily available elsewhere, but Firefly has them in stock, today.

Use the Request a Quote form to provide us with some details of your requirements, and we can then organise a free site survey. Before you know it you could have a beautiful new wood-burner keeping your home and family cosy.

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Charnwood Aire 5 wood-burning stove from Firefly London, premier suppliers of Charnwood stoves
Charnwood Aire 5 Sale price£1,836.00
Charnwood C-Four Blu
Charnwood C-Four Blu Sale price£1,434.00
Charnwood C Five
Charnwood C-Five Blu Sale price£1,560.00
Dik Geurts Aste 5
Aste 5 low Sale price£1,845.00
Dik Geurts Ivar 5
Ivar 5 Sale price£1,685.00
Heta Inspire 40
HETA Inspire 40 Sale price£1,399.00
Heta Inspire 45
HETA Inspire 45 Sale price£1,499.00
HETA Ambition 5
HETA Ambition 5 Sale price£1,649.00
Sheraton 5
Sheraton 5 Sale price£1,745.00
Chesterfield 5
Chesterfield 5 Sale price£1,745.00
Save £605.00Morsø S11-42
Morsø S11-42 Sale price£1,395.00 Regular price£2,000.00
Morsø Badger 3116
Morsø Badger 3116 Sale price£1,800.00