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Exclusive bioethanol fires & fireplaces

Exclusive fireplaces for the heart of the home

GlammFire's bioethanol fires and fireplaces can be classed as design masterpieces, with an emphasis on pure forms, elementary geometric shapes and artistic expression. They are designed to offer the most intense experience of comfort and well-being, and also bring something luxurious and refined.

Handmade in Portugal, the knowledge of decades can be found in every work via the wise hands of their trusted craftsmen. GlammFire do not mass-produce, but take the time to transform noble materials into true works of art. These statement fireplaces represent the pinnacle of Portuguese craftsmanship.

Unparalleled performance

To offer the highest quality fireplaces possible, GlammFire has developed a rigorous set of methods and tests which assess the characteristics and capabilities of functioning, safety and eco-efficiency of all their products. This ensures the continuous improvement of its Quality and Environment Management System.

  • Recognised for unique design and state-of-the-art technology
  • Only the highest quality materials used throughout the range
  • Efficient use of bioethanol as a renewable source of energy
  • Remote control for ignition and flame intensity regulation
  • Numerous safety features including automatic refuelling

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Thales Sale priceFrom £22,469.00
Contour 13
Contour 13 Sale priceFrom £15,043.00
Signature Sale price£14,969.00
Eudoxus Sale priceFrom £16,998.00
Perola Plus
Perola Plus Sale priceFrom £15,857.00
Archimedes Sale priceFrom £17,045.00
Contour Sale priceFrom £10,069.00
Mileto Sale priceFrom £14,616.00
Cosmo EVOPlus
Cosmo EVOPlus Sale priceFrom £14,480.00
York Sale priceFrom £7,606.00
Apollo IV EVOPlus
Apollo IV EVOPlus Sale priceFrom £7,043.00
Apollo EVOPlus
Apollo EVOPlus Sale priceFrom £6,069.00
Crystal Sale priceFrom £6,598.00
Mito Small
Mito Small Sale priceFrom £4,879.00
Tango Sale priceFrom £4,879.00