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Over 40 years of British design and engineering

The UK's largest stove and fireplace producer

Creating a centrepiece in your home has never been easier with a Stovax Gazco gas stove. Inspired by its solid fuel counterpart, our selection of traditional and contemporary styled gas stoves are available in a range of sizes and fuel effects.

These highly efficient gas stoves are available as manual control or can be upgraded to remote control versions giving you maximum enjoyment at the touch of a button.

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Traditional and contemporary gas fires

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Vision Sale price£0.00
Yeoman CL
Yeoman CL Sale price£0.00
Loft Sale price£0.00
Vogue Sale price£0.00
Studio Sale price£0.00
Onyx Liv 3
Onyx Liv 3 Sale price£0.00
Stockton Sale price£0.00
Marlborough 2
Marlborough 2 Sale price£0.00
Huntingdon Sale price£0.00
Chesterfield 5
Chesterfield 5 Sale price£0.00
Sheraton 5
Sheraton 5 Sale price£0.00