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This elegant and eye-catching suspended bioethanol fire is designed to be ceiling-mounted. There is no need for a flue or chimney as there are no emissions aside from heat.

The suspended elliptical shape includes an innovative 360-degree rotation mechanism offering options for enjoying the flames from different angles.

The fireplace surface is coated with heat-resistant paint after a meticulous metal treatment process, ensuring durability and a deep, saturated color. The steel screen within the body of the ellipse magnifies the flame, creating a captivating volumetric combustion effect. An integrated fuel block efficiently burns biofuel for a clean and sustainable heat source.

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Fuel type Ethanol
Emissions Zero
Suitable room size typically 11+ sq/m
Suspended circular
Sizes 1000mm & 1200mm diameter options
Remote control Yes
Finish Black

Transform your home with a bespoke fireplace from Firefly

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