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Planika Astro

Instant heat

Stovax Chesterfield 5 Electric

Electric Stove models

Realistic flame

Electric fires

Warmth at the touch of a button

Recent improvements in electric fires technology has made hundreds of new electric fires available, some better than others. Our selection of electric fires includes only those that are most efficient and with the most realistic flame effects.

Many new models have colour and light arrangements across three separate zones: flame, glowing floor and resin logs illumination. In addition to LED lighting; prisms, coloured mirrors and amber crystals add to the effects. Fireplace control is simple and intuitive, using either the electric fireplace controls, a remote control or a wireless wall switch panel on certain models.

Easy control

Planika's Astro range of electric fires come with a remote control that provides total control over the fire heat, illumination and effects. Featuring four flame colors, light diffusing stones to create a multicolour display with a choice of ambience. The Astro range fireplaces include resin logs for more natural look.

Glowing floor

The bed of the Astro fire is decorated with translucent crystals that vividly flicker and catch the same colour as the illuminated floor. This creates an overall glowing effect providing an extra layer of ambient depth.

Chromalight® effects

Gazco electric fires and stoves are available with a varied selection of fuel effects that transform each fire’s look and feel. When paired with the many vibrant Chromalight® up-lighting colour options, you can create a truly bespoke display.

Programmable Thermostatic Eco Handset

Gazco’s Eco remote provides complete control over the stove’s Chromalight® effects. Other features include ambient heating control, automatic heating power management, daily and weekly heating control, plus Open Window Detection energy saving.

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Planika Astro
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Gazco Chesterfield 5 Electric
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