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Planika Basket Fire Logs

Ideal alternative to wood-burner

Automatic ignition & control

Planika UK

Planika Basket fire logs

Basket Fire Logs fireplace

Freestanding automatic bioethanol fireplace

Planika Basket Fire Logs is a freestanding bioethanol fireplace. It's a perfect solution for those living in cities where the use of wood-burning stoves may become regulated. This eco-friendly bioethanol fire basket doesn’t require any chimney or hard connection – simply plug and play – you get a flame within a few seconds with a push of a button.

The Planika Basket Fire Logs fireplace is ideal for smaller indoor spaces. The flame has two levels of height, so you can heat the room up quickly and then enjoy the fire for many hours.

The fireplace is made of galvanized steel with a black powder coating, and has an optional grate. It resembles a traditional fireplace, without creating the unwanted by-products of wood-burning such as smoke, soot or ash.

Automatic refilling fireplace


Planika bioethanol fireplaces come with an automatic pump to ensure safe and easy fuel refilling. Connections are straightforward, and when the tank is full the process stops automatically.


No chimney or extra pipework requirements make the fire installation very undemanding. This is a great fireplace option that can go almost anywhere, with a blend of traditional and modern styling. Its compact size allows you to arrange it easily in any space.


The process of burning bioethanol doesn’t produce any smoke, soot or ash, making it clean for the environment and for the whole family, pets included!

Bioethanol fuel tank

Fuel tank


bioethanol fire burn time

Burn time

6.5 hrs

bioethanol fire heat output

Heat output

2.8 kW

bioethanol fire room size

Min room size

28 cubic/m

Bioethanol fire specifications


Tech spec

Basket Fire Logs

Sale price£2,317.00 Regular price£2,574.00

The Planika Basket Fire Logs is a modern fireplace solution providing charm and beautiful ambient flames. This convenient, freestanding bioethanol fireplace is perfect for indoor spaces where a traditional fireplace is not feasible. With its plug-and-play installation and no chimney requirement, you can effortlessly insert it into an existing disused fireplace surround and quickly enjoy the warmth and coziness of a fire.

It comes with a remote control, has an automatic refuelling feature, and there's the option of adding a decorative grate.

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Fuel type

Bioethanol 95 - 96.6%



Suitable room size

Typically 28 cubic/m




163mm / 265mm with grate




14.5 kg

Remote control


Burn time

Approx 6.5 hours

Heat output


Planika Basket Fire Logs fireplace
Basket Fire Logs Sale price£2,317.00 Regular price£2,574.00