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Planika Scandi

Freestanding fire

Remote control included

Automatic BEV technology


Freestanding fire with BEV tech

The Scandi bioethanol fireplace from Planika is a sleek freestanding fire solution designed to fit with modern interiors. It comes in a black powder-coat finish with a tempered glass panel. Handmade fireplace logs provide a realistic-looking accent making this Scandinavian-style fireplace even more decorative. The plug & play solution ensures intuitive and easy control of the fireplace.

The Scandi can be arranged easily in any room, it simply needs a wall socket and can be moved if necessary. No professional installation is required, and no additional renovation work is needed.

No chimney also means that 100% of the heat is kept in the room, speeding up the warming process. The large 5L fuel tank provides approximately 33 hours of burn time, and there are two levels of flame height. The flame level can be controlled using a remote control, an app on your phone or an integrated control panel.

Includes BEV technology – click here for more info


The lower part of the Scandi freestanding fire houses a replaceable ethanol tank. Simply unscrew the fuel pipe, replace the tank and reattached the pipe. The fireplace is extremely economical, with a processor and fuel quantity sensors monitoring the fuel consumed.


No chimney or extra pipework requirements make the fire installation very undemanding. This is a great fireplace option that can go almost anywhere, and allows you to arrange it easily in any space.


The process of burning bioethanol doesn’t produce any smoke, soot or ash, making it clean for the environment and for the whole family, pets included!

Bioethanol fuel tank

Fuel tank


bioethanol fire burn time

Burn time

33 hrs

bioethanol fire heat output

Heat output

3.5 kW

bioethanol fire room size

Min room size

35 cubic/m

Bioethanol fire specifications


Tech spec


Sale price£2,838.00

The Scandi freestanding fire comes in black powder-coat finish, and the flames are protected with a tempered glass panel. Handmade fireplace logs provide a realistic-looking accent making this scandinavian fireplace even more decorative.

This bioethanol fireplace is equipped with automatic fuel pump that communicates with the device and supplies it with the necessary amount of the fuel. Replacing the fuel tank is super easy. Once it’s empty you only have to insert a new bottle.

The Scandi bioethanol fire incorporates Planika's patented BEV Technology, hence the flame is produced by burning ethanol vapours (BEV) and has no direct contact with the liquid fuel.

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Fuel type

Bioethanol 95 - 96.6%



Suitable room size

Typically 35 cubic/m








62 kg

Remote control


Burn time

Up to 33 hours

Heat output


Freestanding fire
Scandi Sale price£2,838.00