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This collection of bioethanol burner inserts represent the best quality products available. Choose from leading brands such as Planika, Dru Spartherm and Gloss Fires.

Bioethanol burners typically insert into a casing, island or plinth to create a refined, contemporary bioethanol fireplace. With many sizes and shapes of bioethanol burner insert, you can have the ideal fireplace, optimised for your space.


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bio ethanol fires burner insert
FLA4 / FLA4+ Sale priceFrom £4,380.00
L-Fire Sale priceFrom £3,288.00
Planika Senso burner
Senso Sale priceFrom £1,080.00
Planika Neo fire
Neo Sale priceFrom £1,848.00
Planika Prime Fire
Prime Fire Sale priceFrom £2,640.00
Ebios Fire Line 1500
Ebios Fire Line 1500 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 1200
Ebios Fire Line 1200 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 1000
Ebios Fire Line 1000 Sale price£0.00
Ebios Fire Line 800
Ebios Fire Line 800 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 6
Dalex Corner 6 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 5
Dalex Corner 5 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 4
Dalex Corner 4 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 3
Dalex Corner 3 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 2
Dalex Corner 2 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Corner 1
Dalex Corner 1 Sale price£0.00
Dalex Quadrat
Dalex Quadrat Sale price£0.00
Dalex Radius
Dalex Radius Sale price£0.00
Dalex Arc Full Circle
Dalex Arc Full Circle Sale price£0.00
Dalex Arc Semi-Circle
Dalex Arc Semi-Circle Sale price£0.00
Dalex 1100-2500
Dalex 1100-2500 Sale price£0.00
Dalex 300-1000
Dalex 300-1000 Sale price£0.00