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  • Available in three width sizes
  • Designed, engineered and built in Britain
  • High efficiency gas fire technology
  • Highly realistic log-effect ensures a natural and varied flame
  • Cast iron bevelling and cornicing to the door, top plate and base
  • Optional remote control

Nominal heat output

Huntingdon 20 1.64- 2.7kW
Huntingdon 30 1.90 - 3.6kW
Huntingdon 40 2.78- 5.50kW


Huntingdon 20 Conventional Flue: 76%
Balanced Flue: 85.1%
Huntingdon 30 Conventional Flue: 75%
Balanced Flue: 95.4%
Huntingdon 40 Conventional Flue: 78%
Balanced Flue: 90.8%
Remote control
Upgradeable to standard or programmable thermostatic remote
Finish Black with tracery door or clear door option

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