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Planika Stone Laurent

Panoramic freestanding fire

Remote control included

Automatic BEV technology

Plug & Play

Easy installation


Panoramic Freestanding Fire

Available in three cladding options

Stone is an innovative, automatic freestanding bioethanol fireplace from Planika. It is available in three cladding options: Daze, Gris and Laurent. The Daze and Laurent models are clad in the renowned Dekton surface by Cosentino – a 12mm thick ultra-compact material made from sintered ceramics, quartz and glass – resembling the look and feel of marble. The Gris model is enclosed with stunning Silestone Gris Volcano textured panels, also by Cosentino. These high-density hybrid surfaces are extremely durable and scratch-resistant. 

With a panoramic three-sided viewing window, this statement fireplace solution exudes style across any modern living space. The Stone simply needs a wall socket and fuel. No professional installation is required, and no additional renovation work is needed.

No chimney also means that 100% of the heat is kept in the room, speeding up the warming process. The large 5L fuel tank provides approximately 33 hours of burn time, and there are two levels of flame height. The flame level can be controlled using a remote control, an app on your phone or an integrated control panel.

Includes BEV technology – click here for more info


The lower part of the Rock fireplace is a recess that houses a replaceable ethanol tank. Simply unscrew the fuel pipe, replace the tank and reattached the pipe. The fireplace is extremely economical, with a processor and fuel quantity sensors monitoring the fuel consumed.


No chimney or extra pipework requirements make the fire installation very undemanding. This is a great fireplace option that can go almost anywhere, and allows you to arrange it easily in any space.


The process of burning bioethanol doesn’t produce any smoke, soot or ash, making it clean for the environment and for the whole family, pets included!

Bioethanol fuel tank

Fuel tank


bioethanol fire burn time

Burn time

29 hrs

bioethanol fire heat output

Heat output

5 kW

bioethanol fire room size

Min room size

50 cubic/m

Bioethanol fire specifications


Tech spec


Sale price£10,440.00


The Stone freestanding bioethanol fireplace comes in three finishes – Daze, Gris and Laurent. Each is a modern, 12mm-thick cladding material. The Stone model also incorporates Planika's superior BEV technology

The Daze and Laurent cladding is made of the highly-renowned Dekton surface by Cosentino – a 12mm thick ultra-compact material made from sintered ceramics, quartz and glass. Its high-performance offers scratch and stain resistance and is known to withstand high temperatures. It has an elegant matte look of marble, making it an eye-catching decoration in any space.

The Gris fireplace is enclosed with stunning Silestone Gris Volcano textured panels by Cosentino. This high-density hybrid surface is made of fine minerals making it an extremely durable and scratch-resistant matte surface. 

The Stone model is ready for use as soon as it is fuelled and connected to a power source. This automatic ethanol fireplace does not need professional installation, and can be moved as and when required. Simply plug and play.


Fuel type

Bioethanol 95 - 96.6%



Suitable room size

50 cubic/m +








186 kg

Remote control


Burn time

Up to 29 hours

Heat output


Stone Sale price£10,440.00