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Planika Cool Flame

Water vapour flame effect

Planika Cool Flame

'Flames' that look real

Planika Cool Flame

Realistic fire effect

Planika Cool Flame

Innovative fireplace with cool-touch fire illusion

Planika's Cool Flame fireplace is perfect for safety-conscious individuals in both public spaces and private homes. Available as inserts in two sizes with fireplace casing options to suit any room.

The Cool Flame is great for modern, well-insulated homes that are already perfectly well heated, but need that added touch of cosy ambience. When you see it you won't believe how realistic it is! Contact us for more details.

Cool Flame Fireplace is the most advanced water vapour fireplace available on the market. The advanced technology utilising ultra-fine mist and ActiveLEDs, Planika has achieved an incredibly realistic flame effect.

What makes this even more special is not only the innovative technology but also the experience, that even includes realistic sounds of burning wood that can be controlled by remote control. Plus, the 'flame' is pleasantly cool, ensuring complete safety of use. 

Cool Flame Fireplaces are available in two different casing options, offering a total of seven different arrangements. This versatility allows you to tailor the fireplace to your individual style and interior. Discover a new dimension of fireplace ambiance with Cool Flame Fireplace.

Cool Flame insert options


518mm wide
1.2L Tank / max 12hr


1026mm wide
2.4L Tank / max 12hr

500 Pro

518mm wide
Mains fed water supply / unlimited operation time

1000 Pro

1026mm wide
Mains fed water supply / unlimited operation time

Cool Flame

Sale price£1,998.00


The Cool Flame from Planika represents the pinnacle of linear flame-effect technology, with its state-of-the-art Optimyst technology that creates flames using water vapour. This contemporary device negates the need for chimneys or ventilation systems, providing a remarkable visual spectacle. Cool Flame offers the flexibility to alter the flame colour to any hue from the complete colour palette, allowing customisation to complement your interior design or to suit special events.

  • 7 Fireplace configurations
  • OPTIMYST technology
  • Easy refuelling
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Realistic sounds of burning wood
Insert widths 500mm / 1000mm
Insert with fireplace widths 700mm / 1208mm
Fuel type Filtered tap water or distilled water
'Flame' size control 6 levels
Remote + app control Remote included

Cool Flame
Cool Flame Sale price£1,998.00