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Planika L-Fire

With fireplace casing

Planika L-Fire insert

Insert to replace old fire

Planika L-Fire

Easy-fit mesh screen

Planika L-Fire

Compact bioethanol burner with fireplace casing and easy-fit mesh screen option

Planika's L-Fire is a modern bioethanol fire with a fabulous natural 'wood-fire' flame, complete with a glowing embers effect. It's the ideal replacement for your traditional wood-burning stove or older fire. This 'log-burning' bioethanol fireplace provides the easiest solution – simply install it in an existing wall opening. Additional connections are not required so you can enjoy natural flames in seconds.

Firefly can install the L-Fire insert into your existing fireplace opening, or add the casing for a complete fireplace solution. The fireplace option can replace a traditional fire and would also work as media wall fire. As with all Planika products the L-Fire comes with Planika's patented BEV Technology.

The Planika L-Fire is ideal for smoke-free zones. Contact us for more details.

Planika L-Fire

Remote control

Before / After

L-Fire fireplace with frame and mesh screen


Sale price£3,888.00


The Planika L-Fire provides a superb flame visual, with glowing embers and decorative ceramic logs. It also boasts a large 6L fuel tank with a maximum burn time of 13 hours. This makes it a great alternative to wood-burning stoves or fireplaces due

It is available as a burner insert or with the fireplace casing, and there is also the option of adding a frame and easy-fit mesh screen. 

Safe use of the L-Fire is provided by a number of sensors and a microprocessor that continually monitors the combustion process, at the same time having all the benefits of Planika's patented BEV Technology.

Includes a remote control has two flame heights, and a very long burn time of up to 13 hours.

Planika L-Fire Specifications
Burner insert Fireplace
Eidth 554mm 658mm
Height 207mm 706mm
316mm 325mm
Fuel capacity 6L 6L
Max burn time up to 13 hrs 13 hrs
Flame size control 2 levels 2 levels
Remote + app control Remote included Remote included
Auto refuelling Yes Yes


L-Fire Sale price£3,888.00