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Planika Senso

No chimney required

Flames on demand

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Planika Senso

Planika Senso burner

Bioethanol burner with fireplace option

The Planika Senso burner insert is an ethanol-fuelled product from Planika, providing an alternative for traditional fireplaces. The Senso includes the option to purchase a grate and decorative log set, which adds to the look and feel of a real wood fireplace. Includes BEV technology. 

It's a compact burner at only 380mm wide, and can be paired with the Planika Senso Fireplace casing enabling you to easily build this fire into your desired area, whether it's a partition edge, corner fire or media wall. The Senso is a truly versatile bioethanol fireplace. Contact us for more details.


Sale price£1,080.00


The Planika Senso burner insert is an bioethanol fire insert that can easily slot into a variety of fireplace solutions. Its compact for makes it perfect for smaller areas, providing cosy comfort and style.

The Planika Senso burner is just 137mm high and 380mm wide, and can insert into the Senso Fireplace (with single, double or triple-sided options), or another custom-made housing of your choice. Firefly can assist with this, if for example you require a stone plinth or custom joinery to create your desired fireplace.

Safe use of the burner is provided by a number of sensors and a microprocessor that continually monitors the combustion process, at the same time having all the benefits of Planika's patented BEV Technology.

Includes a remote control has two flame heights, and a burn time of up to 4.5 hours. A decorative grate and logs set is also available.

Planika Senso Specifications
Burner width 380mm
Burner height 137mm
Burner with Senso fireplace width 649mm
Fuel capacity 1.3L
Max burn time up to 4.5 hrs
Flame size control 2 levels
Remote + app control Remote included
Auto refuelling Yes
Smart home ready Optional

Planika Senso burner
Senso Sale price£1,080.00