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Planika Prime Fire

Automatic bioethanol fire

No chimney required

Zero emissions

Performance + safety

Automatic refuelling

Planika UK

Prime Fire

Four burner widths with multiple fireplace casing options

Bioethanol burner inserts with advanced BEV technology

The Planika Prime Fire burner insert is a modern, minimalist bioethanol burner with a clean line of fire, and two levels flame height control. Affordable, compact in size but at the same time having all the benefits of Planika's patented Burn Ethanol Vapour (BEV) Technology.

Prime Fire burner inserts produce no smoke or unpleasant smell during the burning process. The only by-products are heat, water vapour and an insignificant amount of CO2. Firefly can assist with providing a complete fireplace solution for your burner, and there are options from Planika's FORMA range of fireplace casings. Contact us for more details.

Fireplace casing options

The FORMA range of casings enable easy integration with every type of living space.

  • Unique BEV Technology - find out more here
  • Remote and app control
  • Updated display panel
  • Automatic refuelling
  • Burn time up to 11 hours

Why choose firefly?

Firefly offer the most competitive pricing from any Planika UK distributor across the FLA4 range, and also provide exceptional levels of customer service, installation assistance and impartial advice. If you find any FLA4 product cheaper elsewhere, we will match or beat that price.

Price match promise – We'll match the price of any Planika product we stock, if you find it cheaper elsewhere

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Prime Fire 1190
Prime Fire 1190 Sale priceFrom £5,595.00
Prime Fire 990
Prime Fire 990 Sale priceFrom £4,362.00
Prime Fire 790
Prime Fire 790 Sale priceFrom £2,958.00
Prime Fire 590
Prime Fire 590 Sale priceFrom £2,640.00