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Dalex Focus 5

The Dalex Focus 5 comes in five size variants and consists of a double-walled thermally insulating body, a steel frame, a stand and decorative glass. A Dalex burner is inserted into the stand. The decorative front frame is high quality stainless steel, with a ground or polished finish. There is no need for a flue or chimney as there are no emissions aside from heat.

Dalex automatic biofireplaces come with an intelligent control system and many advanced safety sensors. You can control all aspects of the fire from either the display panel, the remote control or the mobile app.

The line of fire is as wide as possible within the fireplace, with varying levels of flame height adjustment. There is also a sound module allowing for useful voice prompts, and has a convenient system for accessing the hidden control panel and refuelling.

The array of safety features includes control sensors, automatic shutdown, CO2 sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, active cooling system, self-diagnosis and even seismic and tilt sensors.

Available in any RAL colour.

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Fuel type Ethanol
Emissions Zero
Suitable room size typically 11+ sq/m
700 - 1100mm
Height 800mm
Remote control
Ground or polished steel

Variant L x H x W mm Line of fire length mm
D300 700 x 800 x 360
D400 800 x 800 x 360
D500 900 x 800 x 360
D600 1000 x 800 x 360
D700 1100 x 800 x 360

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Dalex Focus 5
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